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Spirited is an exhibition at The Portico Library between the 18th of October and the 3rd of November, which tells the stories of some of the young women and girls who fought for the vote 100 years ago, centring on Manchester as the birthplace of the suffrage movement. It brings to life their incredible acts of courage, creativity and cunning in order to inspire today’s young people into taking their own first steps into social action.

Some of the young women featured, who fought with such courage for the right to vote, did not qualify to do so when the Representation of the People Act was finally passed in 1918.

Their stories, and the stories of all the brave and bold women and men who demanded their right to be counted, are told here as a provocation to today’s young activists to embrace the opportunities on offer, and to be the change they want to see.


Travel back in time to meet some of the most amazing people who used The Portico Library! A famous writer, a two-time prime minister, a world renowned scientist and a man obsessed with collecting words each feature in their own exciting adventure, accompanied by a 21st century, time travelling kid!

Each year, the winners of our competitions will see their entries published in a new edition of this book, alongside the stories based on some of Manchester's local heroes and heroines!

The book is produced by Seven Arches Publishing. The Portico Library is thrilled to feature in their Time Travellers series, which explores historical subjects through exciting stories for young people.

To purchase your copy click here. All profits go The Portico Library's schools outreach activities.