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Stories of Radical 19th Century Women and Egypt - a talk by Emma Anderson, Director, Macclesfield Museums

In the second half of the 19th century a group of educated, passionate, complex and multi-faced English women played a leading role in developing the study of Ancient Egypt. These women supported, participated in, and led the excavations and academic research that were bringing the ancient world to life. Many were enabled by the industrial wealth of the North West, which is why the our museums have more Ancient Egyptian artefacts than anywhere else in the United Kingdom outside London.

Emma Anderson has been Director of two of these museums: The Atkinson in Southport, which holds the small but perfectly formed collection acquired by Mrs Goodison, and West Park Museum in Macclesfield, purpose built to house the outstanding Egyptian artefacts collected by Marianne Brocklehurst with her companion Mary Booth. Emma shows how the objects they contain tell the lives and stories of five of these women collectors, researchers, fundraisers and benefactors, their journeys to North Africa, their further work in Britain, and of the North West's narrative about Egypt.

This lively and engaging talk is also an opportunity to explore The Portico Library's wealth of literature on 19th century women travellers. A selection of these volumes will be brought out on the evening to be viewed and considered alongside the lecture.

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