Sturday Selection

On June 29th 1613, William Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre burned down during a production of The Life Of Henry VIII, a collaboration between Shakespeare and fellow playwright John Fletcher. The theatre's beams and thatched roof caught fire, following a cannon shot fired as a theatrical special effect. The Globe was rebuilt in 1614, and demolished in 1644, before being rebuilt again in 1997.
The Portico has multiple editions of The Complete Works of Shakespeare, the oldest of which dates from 1765. Among the library’s oldest features are the circular portraits of Shakespeare and John Milton, which can be seen on either side of the library’s domed ceiling cupola. This is one of several allusions to Shakespeare strewn around 19th-century Manchester, including the Shakespeare pub on Fountain Street, the statue of Shakespeare above the entrance to the 1845 Theatre Royal (designed by Portico member Francis Chester), and the long-gone Shakespeare Street with its intersecting Romeo Street and Juliet Street.