Saturday Selection: The Royal Observatory


On June 22nd 1675, the Royal Observatory opened in Greenwich, later playing a major role in the history of astronomy and navigation, and lending its name to Greenwich Mean Time. James Glaischer (1809-1903) was Superintendent of the Department of Meteorology at Greenwich for 34 years, and, as a pioneering balloonist, ascended as high as 10,900 metres above sea-level to measure the temperature and humidity of the atmosphere. We’ve picked out two of Glaischer’s books; 1871’s ‘Travels In The Air’ and 1873’s ‘The Atmosphere’.
Incidentally, June 22nd also marks the anniversary of the 1633 trial of the "father of observational astronomy" Galileo Galilei, who was convicted of heresy and forced to recant his view that the Earth orbits the sun.