What is meant by ‘the spirit of the North of England’?

The Portico Prize 2019 welcomes published literature in any format that evokes a spirit or sensibility of the North of England. This includes but is not restricted to books set in the North. Where the North is located, geographically, linguistically and imaginatively, is also left to the discretion of those submitting and to the judges.

Do I have to be based in or from the North of England?

No. The Prize is open to anyone of any nationality, and resident in any country, over the age of 16 at the point of entry.

Can I pay the application fee via invoice?

If you cannot pay via bank transfer or cheque, we can accept invoice payments. Please send all relevant information to prize@theportico.org.uk

Do you accept PayPal?

Yes. Please contact prize@theportico.org.uk for more information.

Am I eligible to apply for a reduced entry fee?

We have a limited number of small entry fees for self-published authors and small scale, not for profit publishers. To make an inquiry please contact: prize@theportico.org.uk

Can I submit graphic novels?

Yes. The Portico Prize 2019 is open to all literary formats across fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

Can I submit my book digitally?

No. Published books must be submitted in physical form, via post or hand delivered to The Portico Library. Four copies must be provided.

Can I apply if my book has been re-republished within the eligible time window?

New editions of titles first published prior to 2017 may be eligible only if they have been re-published within the stipulated time frame and include significantly altered or updated content. New ISBN numbers alone are not an indictor of eligibility. Copies of both the first published edition and new edition must be submitted, and final judgement regarding eligibility will be made by The Society for Readers and Writers. For more information, please contact: prize@theportico.org.uk

Is there a limit to the amount of entries per applicant?

No. Applicants may submit as many titles as they wish, but a separate fee must be paid for each title.

Can I submit an anthology of work by multiple authors?

No. Anthologies of any kind must be by a single author.

My book will be published after 31st July. Can I submit proof copies?

If finished published copies are not available by the 31st July 2019, bound proof may be submitted on condition that they are of good quality and that the content reflect that of the final book. If proofs are submitted, final copies should be sent in as soon as they are available and no later than 16th August 2019.

How do I know if you have received my entry / entry fee?

Applicants will receive entry confirmation by email within one working week notifying receipt of books and payment.

Can I enter a book written in a language other than English?

Entries should be written in English. You can enter an English translation of a book written in a different language as long as the original work is your own. Short extracts or quotations in non-English languages are acceptable.

What happens if my book is longlisted?

If a title is longlisted, three more copies must be provided as soon as possible to The Portico Library. None of these copies will be returned to the author. Longlisted books will be announced in October, details TBA.

What happens if my book is shortlisted?

If a book is shortlisted an additional £500 is required towards general publicity. The authors of self-published short-listed entries will be required to pay £100. Small publishing houses may also be eligible to apply for a reduced publicity fee. Shortlisted publishers and authors must be available for media interviews and to participate in Portico Prize related events and engagement run by the Portico and Manchester Metropolitan University. Shortlisted authors will be gifted with honourary membership of The Portico Library in 2020 and will be invited to join The Society of Readers and Writers. Further information will be announced soon.