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Alan Turing's Manchester

The mathematician and codebreaker Alan Turing is more widely known and admired today than he ever was during his lifetime. In February 2019 BBC viewers voted him the most important person of the 20th century; he was certainly a man who changed the world. Today, his iconography greets Mancunians in Sackville Park Gardens, across the University campus and on the way to the Manchester Velodrome. Even The Portico played a small part in his story.

Jonathan Swinton is the author of a new book called Alan Turing’s Manchester, which explores both Turing and the city he encountered when he lived here from 1948 to 1954. At this event, Jonathan will give a talk on the book and his wide-ranging research into this great scientist and his life in Manchester. You can purchase the book on the night, or at Jonathan’s blog

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