Kenneth Steven

Published by Saraband

In the year 2020 Britain is at breaking point. In a country sorely divided, what happens to empathy and tolerance, to generosity of spirit? And can hope survive?

In 2020, years of economic turmoil, bitter debates over immigration, and anger at the political elites have created a maelstrom, a dis-United Kingdom. The country is a bomb waiting to explode. Then it does. As the nightmare unfolds, a myriad of voices—from across the political and social spectrum—offer wildly differing perspectives on the chaotic events and unexpectedly reveal modern Britain’s soul with 20/20 acuity. Thoughtful, compassionate, eerily prescient and sometimes provocative, Kenneth Steven’s 2020 is a parable for our times.

An important book that should be read by everyone... A gripping and compelling narrative. — Undiscovered Scotland

Kenneth Steven is a poet, novelist, children’s writer and translator who has published some 25 books. His BBC Radio 4 documentary on the island of St Kilda won him a Sony Award, and he has written and presented a series of BBC Radio 3 Essays. His previous novel, The Well of the North Wind (SPCK, 2016), was a spiritual tale set on 6th-century Iona, whilst Beneath the Ice (Saraband, 2016) tells the story of the Arctic Sami people.