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The Portico Library is run by its members.

At the Annual General Meeting each Spring the membership elects (or re-elects) representatives to stand on the Main Committee as Committee members and ratifies the election of the officers. The Main Committee is currently supported by three sub-committees, also comprised of Portico members: The Book Sub-Committee (responsible for decisions around the collection), The Marketing Development Group (responsible for marketing and promotional activities) and The Gallery Sub-Committee (responsible for exhibitions and sales within the Gallery area).

Portico Main Committee 2013

  1. Lynne Allan, Chair

  2. Mike Townsend, Treasurer

  3. John McGarry, Secretary

  4. Janet Allan

  5. Jean Ammar

  6. Jane Barraclough

  7. Ed Glinert

  8. Jeff Hill

  9. Philip Hulme

  10. Walter Nicholls

  11. Caroline Pinney

  12. Edward Thorp, co-opted

  13. Mark Watson, co-opted

Make-up of first Committee of January 1806

Minute Book with first Committee of January 1806