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Anyone can help preserve The Portico Library's unique collection of rare and important books, illustrations and archives. Just get in touch to arrange a viewing, choose which items you want to save and make a donation for the cost of restoration. In return for the full sponsorship of a book, you'll receive a commemorative plate in the front of the newly repaired volume to memorialise your contribution. Individual donations of up to £60 are also very welcome and these will receive a certificate in acknowledgement of your contribution to our broader conservation efforts. To view the books and make your selection email or call Monday to Friday on 0161 236 6785.

Adopt-a-Book, before:

Adopt-a-Book: before

Adopt-a-Book, after:

Adopt-a-Book, after

The Portico Library was built in 1806 in the centre of an emerging industrial city. A combination of the resultant pollution, the mass production of paper and the use of gasoliers for lighting and heating has taken its toll on the books. With the generosity of a number of grant giving bodies and of supportive individuals we have been able to stop the deterioration of approximately a quarter of the collection through conservation and preservation. We need your help to continue this work so that the books on our shelves may be read and borrowed for many more generations.

How Does it Work?
You can choose between two schemes: 1. Select the author, title or subject of a book you wish to adopt, or, 2. Make a donation that will repair a high priority volume chosen by us.

What Will I Receive?
In return for your sponsorship of a particular book a permanent bookplate will be placed in the volume(s), recording your name, date and a short dedication of your choice. For more general donations we will issue a special certificate that acknowledges your donation and any dedication you would like to make.

What Do I Do Next?
Simply download, print out and fill in the Adopt-a-Book leaflet, complete the form and bring or post it back to:
Adopt-a-Book, The Portico Library, 57 Mosley Street, Manchester, M2 3HY.

We will then contact you with a quote for the selected volume(s) or with details of the volume(s) we have chosen for you. We will contact you again when conservation has been completed so that you may come in and view the result!