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The Portico Library collection offers a unique insight into the minds of the men who contributed to the making of the city at a time when Georgian Manchester was making international history.

Subjects Areas available for online search:

  1. Voyages and Travels

  2. Fine Arts

  3. Local History

  4. Poetry & Drama

  5. Fiction

  6. Correspondence

  7. Natural History

  8. Sciences

  9. Theology and Mythology

  10. Biography

  11. Philosophy, Logic and Occult

  12. Politics, Government and Commerce

  13. Miscellaneous Literature

  14. Collected works

  15. Military History

  16. Church History

  17. Geography

  18. In progress ..... Topography, History, Heraldry and Genealogy, Architecture and Antiquities, Reference and Dictionaries, Pamphlets, Periodicals

We have established the first stage of our OPAC (online public access catalogue) in order to widen access to this unique collection and emphasise our reputation as a centre for Long Nineteenth Century Studies. Our important historical collection covers a range of subjects with a strong focus on fiction, topography, biography, history and voyages and travels.

front of card catalogue with drawers pulled outThe Portico Library online catalogue is a work in progress; we currently have over 20,000 of our approximately 25,000 volumes recorded on the system.

If you would like to make an enquiry regarding specific titles or subjects our dedicated staff can be contacted with any queries you may have. A card catalogue is available to members generally and to researchers by arrangement.

We would like to thank the staff of Heritage Cirqa for their support in establishing our Heritage Online Catalogue.

Our first year of cataloguing was made possible by the generous support of The Zochonis Charitable Trust. We are also grateful to The Portico Library Trust, to Walter Nicholls for effecting a most generous donation from the Estate of the late Lawrence Harris, and other generous bequests from the estates of the late Brenda Fraser and Phyllis Giles, amongst others.

You can support the project by making a donation, a bequest or by sponsoring a section of the work. For more details and to discuss any requirements please contact the Librarian.